كي جي ال للخدمات اللوجستية
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KGL is a highly focused group of companies, with regional interests in Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The company commands a network of specialized business units that promote efficient and effective B2B and B2G Logistics related services to its customers in the Middle East. KGL capitalizes on its portfolio of strong operating companies to become the leading SCM provider in the Middle East and emerging markets. KGL’s expansion is based on a carefully planned corporate strategy that relies on its core competencies and sustainable growth plans.

Our Businesses

Our core business at KGL is Supply Chain Management (SCM). As experts in the movement of goods and materials, we deliver integrated Transportation, Logistics, Port Management, Shipping and River Transport on a regional basis. Our distribution networks and logistics services are the most efficient in the Middle East. Our SCM services are complemented by a range of Passenger Travel Management, Real Estate and other Support Services. We operate through a network of highly integrated subsidiaries and affiliates to offer comprehensive services to our customers in the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

Bridging Distances

KGL is the premier provider of integrated Supply Chain Management services in the Middle East. We fulfill the Transportation, Logistics, Port Management, Shipping and Freight Forwarding needs of countless regional and international clients. Whatever your logistics challenges, KGL will bridge the distance and make your world a smaller place.

شركة الكويت والخليج لخدمات النقل
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