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Training and Quality

Human Capital Development

KGL Logistics believes in the importance of developing its human capital as it is the driving force and integral part of our company’s success, hence, in line with our Mission and Vision, we design and implement in-house customized training programs for our staff aimed at helping employees develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. We are fully committed to developing, educating and training our people to achieve optimum professional growth.


Quality Assurance

KGL Logistics Company is driven by the requirements of its customers and the markets. We are committed to achieve the highest possible quality standards of our services in order to fulfill these requirements and strive to achieve sustained satisfaction of our customers by developing our capability to address changing requirements of the markets and of our customers therein.

Quality Policy

The key factors of our sustained growth and for achieving business excellence are our commitment towards:

  • Always meeting the customers’ requirements with highest quality services

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements at all times

  • Employee development through involvement, training and effective communication

  • Developing our processes, technology and infrastructure continuously in order to meet our customers’ expectations and the ever changing demands of the market place

  • Ensuring that complaints and feedback received will be attended in a timely manner with a view to eliminate the root cause and prevent recurrence

  • Continually working on to improve our services and the effectiveness of the KGL Logistics Quality Management System


KGL Logistics continually improves its Quality Management System (KGL-L QMS) by reviewing and updating it in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 requirements

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