KGL Is Recognized By The US’s Defense Logistics Agency for Providing “Exceptional” Service During A Challenging Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the US military’s logistics operations and required regional partners like KGL to contend with international border closures, supply chain disruptions, and ever-changing health and safety requirements. KGL is proud to have overcome these unanticipated challenges while still maintaining a 98%+ on-time delivery rate over the last year. Our success was recently recognized by our US military partners who commend us for providing “exceptional” service even during a difficult year.

For nearly a decade, KGL has served as the prime contractor for the United States’ Defense Logistics Agency’s Energy Middle East-Kuwait Office. As the contracted transportation provider, KGL is responsible for fuel distribution, including providing all assets, qualified drivers, and management to meet daily fuel push requirements, as well as ensuring continuous installation access to all US Military locations, and the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and Kuwait Aviation Fuel Company (KAFCO) sites.

Our team has worked hard to be a reliable partner for DLA Energy – that is why we have been awarded the fuel distribution contract four consecutive times. In August 2020, KGL was honored to receive a Memorandum of Appreciation for sustained superior performance and its operational response during COVID-19 and lauded for its 100% mission success rate since 2013. A top official for DLA wrote that “KGL is always professional and as an added bonus, across all areas your work disposition is always friendly and courteous. Your service is exceptional. You are truly the BEST of the BEST and a valuable member of the DLA Energy Middle-East Kuwait Office!”

Recently, Defense Logistics Agency Energy liaison officers visited KGL’s headquarters to learn more about the challenges and unique needs for transporting fuel in the region. Our team gave the visiting officers a tour of our site and demonstrated how KGL’s Technical Services Department maintains high-quality standards by performing both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to ensure the tanker fleet is fully mission capable to achieve each day’s delivery requirement. Following their visit, DLA’s liaison officers wrote about the success of their trip and said, “The on-site teams were very receptive and supportive providing a thorough tour and overview.”

We are proud to serve the US Military forces in Kuwait and are committed to providing exceptional service and support for all of our US Government partners in the Middle East and throughout the CENTCOM Theater.